WELCOME To BergiesPlace.com

  This site is a gateway to my photography, my travels, and other interests. 


MY PHOTO JOURNAL:  Photographs from my life, my travels, and my world with commentary.  Indexed by subject.  A blog by a different name.



Favorites and Award Winners:    These are some of the pictures that I consider my best work from the past sixteen years.  Some have been judged by others to be worthy and that is rewarding and humbling, but not all of my award winners are shown here.  Similarly, many non-winners are included here, valued through my eyes.  Includes a sampling.

My Photo Galleries:  Several galleries organized according to subject matter.

Selected Images from my 2016 shooting.

Selected Images from my 2015 shooting.

Selected Images from my 2014 shooting.

Selected Images from my 2013 shooting 


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Pearl’s Web Page:  Pictures of Pearl’s life over the years.  My cat’s web page.

My Japanese Cloisonne Collection:  Vases decorated with the fine art of Japanese Cloisonne.

My Stained Glass Work:  Some pieces comprised of stained glass that I have made over the years.

Patterned Souvenir Glass:  A discussion of Early American Pattern Glass, ruby-stained and souveniered for turn-of-the-century Atlantic City.  Photographs and patterns for reference.  Includes some Colorado glass.

Bergie’s Move to Medford Leas, a CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community).

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