Heacock's Victorian Colored Pattern Glass, Book 7 reports Lacey Medallion and Colorado as AKAs for Jewel by U.S. Glass. He also illustrates (according to my notes made when I saw the book) the Colorado State pattern, per se.
Edwards and Carwile's Standard Encyclopedia of Pressed Glass, 1860-1930 shows a Lacy Medallion piece. They say that it's also known as Jewel and is "very similar to the Colorado Pattern". They also show separately a "Colorado" piece, and they say the pattern was made from 1897.
McCain's Collector's Encyclopedia of Pattern Glass lists Lacey Medallion as souvenir ware manufactured by U.S. Glass from 1905. She also says (plate 154) that "most" Colorado pieces have feet. In general, for any of these transparent green pieces, if they're dated pre-1905 I would call them Colorado; for dates after that, who knows?
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