The New BergiesPlace

Why did such a young guy move to a retirement community????

Well, it was time.

Forty-two years in my house:  two children raised and out;  two previous cats and the bull dog gone;  a wife who made our house a home, gone;  and nine years of dealing with life on my own (with lots of help from my kids and my special friend, Barbara).

I’d had enough of plowing snow or having my kids come dig me out; of having to repair rotted siding and door frames; of having the garage door fall off of its mounts onto my car; of replacing heaters and ageing appliances (hey, I guess I’m one of them); of termite damage repairs and prevention; of worrying about the spring rise of water in the sump; of trying to get someone to come and clean up the fall leaves and then reclean the grounds in the spring;  and of being a worry to my kids if I become ill as I did the winter before I moved.  I’d had enough of heating and cooling 2000 square feet for just me and the cat, not to mention another 2000 in the hobby-filled basement and another 1000 on the second floor; and I was tired of subsidizing an ever more glorious BS/BA level of education for the township kids.

Had it also been a great 42 years?  Absolutely!  But the memories were in my head; not in the house, and I brought them with me as I enjoyed new experiences in a new community.  So, yes, I left lovely Berglund Leas and moved to equally lovely Medford Leas.

_MG_2514 640The new BergiesPlace

Left to right: Sun Room, Living Room, Office

I heard skepticism in my friends’ voices when I shared the news. I noticed the slight frown. I was asked asked what I’d do with all of my furniture.  Along came the statement, “You’re too young to move to Medford Leas.” People regarded it as an on-the-way-out stop.

So, not so.  It does include medical care and facilities for assisted living and nursing care but it’s much more than that. It’s an over-55 community with the related services plus extensive recreational activities and the security of continuing care if it becomes needed.

There are some 450 residential units on the 148 acre Medford Leas campus.  Of the 450 units, about half are the pleasant and comfortable Courtyards which are one-story clusters of apartments, all connected to the community center through a web of sheltered walkways.  The remaining units are the one-story patio homes of the Rushmore section, and the townhouses in the Bridlington section where I headed.

The Bridlington “hood”.

I scaled down to a more reasonable 1600 square feet including a comfortable kitchen/dining area, two bedrooms with baths, an office and a cathedral ceiling living room with an enclosed sun porch.  There is an an equal size basement for the trains and the stained glass work bench, a loft for my framing bench and picture storage, and a guest room with private bath.

I’m a seven minute walk from the community center with its indoor pool, workout room, wood shop, library, two dining rooms, a coffee shop, bank, barber shop and …….  lots of other activities if I want them.  I’m twenty minutes closer to the shore. For nice days there’s about five miles of trails thru the woodlands and alongside a branch of the Rancocas, and five miles of paved paths and roads good for a walk or a bike ride.

The men from Medford Leas shovel my snow, rake my leaves, cut my grass, and change my lightbulbs.  All this plus dining services as desired, a medical center, and life-care medical and nursing facilities as necessary.  I’m enjoying all of this with several friends who also live here, and new friends I’ve met.

Here’s a view of the living room and, through the doorway, the sun room.   The stairway leads to the loft, the hallway to the kitchen and TV room.

_MG_3179 640


Below is the loft before finishing and move-in.  Stairway to the living room at left.